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Sabato, 06 Aprile 2013 20:02

India: “Relationship with God”

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Formazione-IndiaToday, on 5th April, all the fathers of the delegation came together in Madurai for the second session of permanent formation programme. The first five sessions are animated by a diocesan priest, Fr. Maria Antony. He is dealing the theme 'Reconciliation' against the background of relationship with God, nature and fellow human beings. In the first session he dealt the relationship with nature according to the vision of Raymond Pannikar. Today, the main theme was 'Relationship with God'. First, the importance and the need of relationship with God was clarified. Relationship with God is a must in order to lead a happy life, in order to do our priestly ministry effectively and to build up a deeper relationship with fellow human being. From this, the resource person proceeded to explain that our relationship with God should go beyond the personal realm, so that we establish a non-dualistic relationship with God, nature and fellow human beings. 

6 aprile 2013

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