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Lunedì, 04 Agosto 2014 10:06

Permanent Formation in India

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permanent-formation-India-1On 29th July, all the fathers of the Indian delegation, came together for their second session of the permanent formation programme , on the theme ' the healing of our love',animated by Rev.Dr.Sebastin, the  Rector of St.Paul's theological seminary. He pointed out that in order to be healed, the diagnosis of the symptoms of the problems is important. So, he brought out beautifully the symptoms of the problems a priest can be diagnosed of in Indian situation. He listed out around  20 symptoms with his lengthy explanations  for each symptom and then he called our attention to the problems and the way to heal or overcome them. For the second part also he gave number of suggestions, which were very practical and useful.  All the participants felt it was a good travel that the animator has initiated to be made into oneself. Then there was meeting of the formators with delegate council to revise and fix the study programmes for each level of formation. The next permanent formation meeting is fixed for 8th October.

4 agosto 2014
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