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Sabato, 06 Giugno 2015 16:07

Events in Indian Delegation

omd-indiaAs the summer holidays are ending and the new academic year is starting in India, the Indian delegation had some important events like three brothers starting their novitiate and three brothers initiating their ministry of acolyte.
On 30th May evening, in our seminary Chapel at Samayapuram, we had Eucharistic adoration, in which we had the ritual of entance to novitiate. Our three brothers, Reegan, Veljit & Vishal having completed their philosophical studies are admitted into novitiate by General Council. Fr.Delegate presided over the liturgy and instructed the new novices on the significance of novitiate as the heart of their formative years and the scope of the novitiate foreseen by Our Ratio & the love they need to develop for our Order, Founder and works during this year. Fr.Beno as Novice Master received our best wishes.
On 31st May, on the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity, our three professed religious, Doss,Backiaraj & Jebaraj were conferred the ministry of acolyte during the con-celebrated Eucharistic celebration in our seminary. Fr.Delegate presided over the Liturgy and during the homily he brought out the role of acolytes during Liturgy and as the Holy Trinity is the ample example for performing different roles but known for Unity, he said, in our communities we need to learn to collaborate in amidst of differences.
All our seminarians and most of our fathers were present during these celebrations. 

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