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new-parishOn 12th June, on the eve of the Soleminity of Antony, during the Eucharistic Celebration, presided over by Msgr. John Robert, the vicar General of the diocese of Vellore, OMD Indian delegation, after the approval and decree from General Council, has taken up its third parish, Sanipoondi, a newly bifurcated Parish. The Vicar General as the delegate of the Bishop, announced the creation of the parish and Fr.Jeyan Santhiyagu took the oath as the Parish Priest and then the contract between the diocese and the Order was signed by the Indian Delegate General. Fr.Kulandairaj is appointed as assistant parish priest and Rector of the community, which is named after our Patronesss, Mary, assumed into heaven. The rented house , which is at present for staying of our priests, is known as CASA ASSUNTA, was blessed by the Indian delegate on 13th June, on the feast of St.Antony and all the fathers and the brothers of the delegation came together to witness the function.

 The parish has around 200 families, one primary school, 3 acres of land around the Church. 90% of the people of the village are agricultural coolies, others are working as teachers, army men and cooks in hotels. This would be our third OMD parish in India and while the other two parishes come in Central (Samayapuram) and southern (Azhickal) part of Tamilnadu, this third one is in northern part of the state, thus making our Leonardian presence in Tamilnadu a more balanced one. This new parish is also different in its geographical nature because our first parish Samayapuram is on Trunk road from Trichy to Chennai, the capital of Tamilnadu, and the second parish, Azhickal, which is close to the city of Nagercoil whereas this is purely in a village atmosphere, having more huts than concrete houses, poor road system and very simple and naïve Church structure and without a house for priests. But what is outstanding is their faith and enthusiasm to collaborate. And this is giving us a hope on which we can really build up. Also people are not much organized and taken care of due to the absence of a priest, but once our presence is made permanently with them, they could be easily organized and nurtured.

15 giugno 2014
Pubblicato in 2014
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